​​= Although we have insurance agents to help in every state, the states with shields have both insurance agents and an underwriter working directly with C.A.L.M Bar Safety...to help bar, restaurant, and nightclub owners lower premiums and better protect their businesses.


"I was working on the insurance renewal for a multi-location bar/tavern and our insured was in dire need of essential training for their security. Due to 5 open liability claims over the previous 3 policy periods, we were faced with a non-renewal from the insuring carrier and needed to implement some additional controls and risk management for competing companies to offer replacement quotes.  I worked with Steve and our carrier underwriters and getting our insured’s staff certified in the C.A.L.M. program satisfied their requirements to offer renewal quotes. The course is comprehensive, refreshing news for me and have been touting the importance of the C.A.L.M. programs to the other folks that I work with in the hospitality industry. Highly recommended and job well done." 
 Corey Schuster, CLCS, Assistant Vice President 

The Daniel & Henry Insurance and Risk Management Company

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“As a former cop myself I can tell you that your techniques for diffusing and de-escalating potentially volatile situations are right on the mark.” 
Dennis Sekharan, AIC, AINS
Claims Manager
Illinois Casualty Company