“The recruiting staff section in lesson one is gold, FYI…”
Ryan Binkley
Owner, Game 6 Honky Tonk Joint 
St. Louis, Missouri

​​"Steve, I wanted to thank you.  We had a street meeting today and the police were there giving us praise and recommending your course to all the other bars and restaurants.  It very much set us apart from issues and how the officials view our policies to issues.  Thank you sir!!!  Wherever we can post comments or recommendations for your courses, we would be happy to...look forward to continuing this for years to come...good stuff bro!!!"  - Dave 

“...I really appreciate your effort to help us and I'm looking forward to doing everything I can to implement the calm standard.   There is no doubt in my mind that my business would greatly benefit from practicing what you’re preaching here…I am looking forward to picking your brain and taking your staffing, promotion, sales + operations class (basically bar 101 class) when you get that finished ;) …”  - Jason

"In developing the program, Steve contacted Illinois Casualty Company (ICC), a Midwest regional insurance carrier specializing in insuring bars and restaurants. ICC has worked with Steve and is very supportive of the theory and principles of 'The CALM Standard'. A business that is insured with Illinois Casualty Company or is obtaining an insurance quote from ICC should let their agent know that they have committed to 'The CALM Standard'. Venues that embrace 'The CALM Standard' may qualify for preferential pricing."
Howard Beck, CPCU, AU
Vice President of Underwriting, Illinois Casualty Company

“As an instructor for over 45 years in self-defense, police and military tactics for arrest and containment, I have specialized in teaching diffusion of aggressive confrontations and have the strongest commitment to the programs developed by Steve Guidry contained within the theory and principles of The CALM Standard .These principles of de-escalating volatile situations are proven methods to assess the situations and help calm the issues before they escalate out of control.  It is important to be trained effectively to understand what to do, train to have the confidence to contain the problem in the interest of the innocent, the owners and bystanders. This program is a formula for safety and a necessary component needed for all who would have an interest."
Frank Babcock
UMMAF Executive Director
IMMAF Member of the Board

“As a former cop myself…I can tell you that your techniques for diffusing and
de-escalating potentially volatile situations are right on the mark.”

Dennis Sakhar
Dennis Sekharan, AIC, AINS
Associate Claims Manager
Illinois Casualty Insurance

“After working with bars, restaurants, and nightclubs for the nineteen years, I can tell you that The C.A.L.M. Standard fills a much needed void in St. Louis.  I have known and or worked with Steve for over ten years and can tell you that his reputation for operating safe and successful venues is outstanding.  The development of The C.A.L.M. Standard seems to be a reflection of how he has helped develop numerous well-respected venues around St. Louis and the surrounding metropolitan area.  The C.A.L.M. Standard could be a game-changer as to how law enforcement and city officials relate to and approach the hospitality business as well as entertainment district safety and security.” 

Joe Steiger (now retired) 
20+ Year Veteran, Police Detective, St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department
 Former President of the St. Louis Police Officer's Association

"I was working on the insurance renewal for a multi-location bar/tavern and our insured was in dire need of essential training for their security. Due to 5 open liability claims over the previous 3 policy periods, we were faced with a non-renewal from the insuring carrier and needed to implement some additional controls and risk management for competing companies to offer replacement quotes.  I worked with Steve and our carrier underwriters and getting our insured’s staff certified in the C.A.L.M. program satisfied their requirements to offer renewal quotes. The course is comprehensive, refreshing news for me and have been touting the importance of the C.A.L.M. programs to the other folks that I work with in the hospitality industry. Highly recommended and job well done."
Corey Schuster, CLCS, Assistant Vice President, The Daniel & Henry Insurance and Risk Management Company

"The program really has changed our perspective on the way we look at these venues.  C.A.L.M. is mentioned daily at both Wheelhouse and Start Bar…”
Geo Guinn
General Manager, Wheelhouse & Start Bar

St. Louis, Missouri