WHO, What, and whY c.a.l.m. ? 

EXPERT input 


I compiled nearly twenty years of experience, interviews, and took direction from experts for over TEN YEARS.  I have access to some of the best and brightest people in the United States covering a variety of topics such as but not limited to: fellow bar & nightclub operators, trial attorneys, attorneys representing insurance companies, attorneys specializing in hospitality negligence, prosecuting attorneys, more defense attorneys, insurance experts, a chief underwriter, self-defense experts, law enforcement and law enforcement trainers, city excise officials, fire chiefs, deputy fire chiefs, countless police officers, members of the FBI, firearm and concealed weapons trainers, police trainers, body language experts, and medical experts -- did I miss anybody?  Whew.

Message from Steve Guidry: People ask me beyond seeing a clear void in the community, was there any outside inspiration?  I say well that's just it, there is an unbelievable void.  It was and is literally baptism by fire in most venues when it comes to safety and security training.  You're hired, you put on a uniform, and the next thing you know, you're supposed to know how to handle four violent and verbally aggressive intoxicated individuals at the front door?  Or how to avoid a fight with the guy who just dropped a fortune in VIP but you have to tell him you don't want him to drive home?  Or the best way to diffuse an angry customer at the bar?  Or how to eliminate hot spots?  Or how to really ID a customer at the front door?  Or what to do when someone takes their shirt off and throws it at you when you're bartending?  For me it was problem, after problem, after problem, with only my best judgement on how to handle each situation...that's where it began honestly.  When I sat down and put pen to paper I realized there were numerous contributing factors to building and maintaining a safe environment...all while attempting to entertain people.  I really couldn't believe no one had tried to help my community with a comprehensive and authentic program, a view from the trenches if you will, probably because there are so many moving parts and the time it would take to pull it off.  In addition, as I thought about it, it would have to be written by someone who has been in the business for years or else it would be another bulls*** seminar that no one would care to listen to or sit through. It couldn't be written by a policeman or an insurance agent...the message had to come from a seasoned hospitality personality...so why not me? My final inspiration to begin to climb this mountain came after a phone call I received on New Year's Eve, around 4pm, 2007, from one of my cousins.  I was stocking the bar getting ready to bartend at Morgan St. Brewery in St. Louis, getting ready for the biggest bar night of the year when my phone rang. It was my cousin Josh, he said, "Hey man, I've got really bad news about Tommy man"...and that was it.  That day changed the course of my life forever. I became obsessed with making this happen, I just can't explain it.  I abandoned building venues and my partnership to chase this...and here we are fourteen years later in 2022.    ‚Äč

Sales, safety, & security PHILOSOPHY

The lessons in C.A.L.M. Bar Safety are designed to help drive sales and increase customer retention while enhancing safety and security at my client's venue(s).  I've combined experiences from nearly twenty years of working at, operating, and or owning venues at numerous high profile establishments in St. Louis, Missouri.  Although C.A.L.M. didn't start out as a sales tool, it's absolutely a program that helps managers drive sales, safety, and security...at the same time.  I truly hope everyone enjoys the material and uses it to protect and grow their business. The new coaching program is out of this world and I never thought I would take it that direction, but I love it.  Please feel free to reach out day or night -- I work 24/7, this is my passion and my life's work.