Who better to help us develop legal documents and provide consultation than Restovich & Associates?  What makes them so unique?  Well that would be the history and experience of George Restovich. 

George Restovich is a trial attorney who represents individuals and businesses, as well as, a former Assistant Circuit Attorney for the City of St. Louis.  George also has extensive knowledge of criminal law, and he has represented clients in all phases and at all levels of the criminal process, including state and federal crimes, DWI, municipal and white collar crimes.  He has extensive courtroom experience, having tried both criminal and civil cases during his ten plus years of practice.

George is one of the founding partners of Restovich & Associates, LLC.  George has served as both City Attorney and Prosecuting Attorney for the City of Ellisville, a constitutional charter city. As City Attorney, he has been involved in matters pertaining to land use, the Manchester Road Great Streets Project, application of  private and public contracts, inter-municipality land exchanges and cooperative/shared services agreements, insurance coverage disputes, drafting legislation, employment, budget, finance policies, government transparency, and litigation. During this time, George has assisted the city in emerging from a period rife with challenges and into a period of explosive growth and development, all while remaining true to the land use plan and community vision.  Most recently, George successfully argued for dismissal of a petition filed in St. Louis County for judicial review of a city zoning decision.

George also has extensive litigation experience in matters pertaining to contracts, general business, personal injury, real estate, employment, administrative agency actions, and criminal prosecution. He has represented individuals, businesses, and government at all stages of litigation in these areas, including numerous jury and bench trials.  

Cynthia Parnell represents businesses and individuals in business, construction and consumer litigation, as well as personal injury, in the St. Louis area. Her primary courtroom experience is in the area of mechanic’s liens and related construction litigation. She also has experience in the area of consumer protection, particularly the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act.  Cindy has also been involved in mortgage foreclosures and other banking-related litigation. 



Steve Guidry compiled nearly twenty years of experience and took direction from some of the best and brightest in a variety of safety topics such as but not limited to: trial attorneys, attorneys representing insurance companies, attorneys specializing in hospitality negligence, prosecuting attorneys, defense attorneys, insurance experts, world champion martial artists, law enforcement and law enforcement trainers, self-defense trainers, sales managers, city liquor or "excise" officials, fire chiefs, deputy fire chiefs, members of various police departments, celebrity protection experts, members of the FBI, firearm and concealed weapons trainers, police trainers, body language experts, and more. 


C.A.L.M. is designed to allow each operator the opportunity to become more marketable to all insurance companies (the operator takes control of the wheel per se and could go shopping for a better rate), with the intent of helping each client reduce venue liability, mitigate negligence, improve safety and security, reduce claims, while increasing sales along the way.  When Steve Guidry first wrote the program, he discussed all of these possibilities with various insurance providers.  Beyond potential insurance savings, C.A.L.M. members are given a certificate of recognition or achievement at each level as well as membership perks upon registering to learn and follow The C.A.L.M. Standard.

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WHat is C.A.L.M. ?

WHY C.A.L.M. ?



The philosophy of The C.A.L.M. Standard can teach your staff to drive sales and increase customer retention while increasing safety for your team, your customers, and the venue.  I've combined experience from fifteen years of throwing parties, producing kickboxing and MMA fights, filling venues for high profile celebrities, and hosting over 5000+ days and or nights at venues into creating this proprietary philosophy.  Although The C.A.L.M. Standard didn't start out as a sales tool, it is one and it has a lot of sales in it...consultants and friends began pointing it out to me along this journey.  To me, it's just how I've ran venues and hosted parties.  I hope you enjoy The C.A.L.M. Standard and use it as a customer retention, sales, and of course a safety resource.  -Steve Guidry

Preferential pricing: 
a note from illinois casualty company


In developing the program, Steve contacted Illinois Casualty Company (ICC), a Midwest insurance carrier specializing in insuring bars and restaurants.  ICC has worked with Steve and is very supportive of the theory and principles of “The CALM Standard”.  A business that is insured with Illinois Casualty Company or is obtaining an insurance quote from ICC should let their agent know that they have committed to “The CALM Standard”.  Venues that embrace “The CALM Standard” may qualify for preferential pricing. 

The C.A.L.M. Standard is a hospitality sales, safety, and security program as well as a standard of excellence, created by bar and nightclub veteran Steve Guidry.  C.A.L.M. has gained support from public officials, law enforcement, insurance agencies, and a Midwestern hospitality insurance provider that specifically underwrites bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and more.  The program is taught online through the e-learning system DIGITAL CHALK, where the client, most likely hospitality management, government officials, attorneys, insurance agents, executives from insurance companies, or those seeking to learn more about hospitality safety, sales, and security, can learn this foundation for excellence.  The program is broken down into numerous lessons, sometimes using graphic videos as examples, video news stories, and newspaper articles from sources all around the world.  There are power points loaded with but not limited to: proprietary techniques, sales and safety philosophy, training videos, links to additional training, expert interviews, as well as quizzes.

This one of kind standard has been received positively by numerous individuals within the bar, restaurant, and nightclub community, including support from Illinois Casualty Company (who are a Midwestern hospitality insurance provider representing businesses in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Colorado, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, and Iowa), Restovich & Associates, a Florida law firm, risk advisors at Lakenan and The Daniel & Henry Company, high ranking public safety officials, the St. Louis City Excise Commissioner's office, and numerous others.

Message from Steve Guidry:  "People ask me beyond seeing a clear void in the community, was there any outside inspiration?  I say well that's just it, there is an unbelievable void.  It was and is literally baptism by fire in most venues when it comes to safety and security training.  You're hired, you put on a uniform, and the next thing you know, you're supposed to know how to handle four violent and verbally aggressive intoxicated individuals?  Or know what to do in a fire?  Or how to handle a robbery?   Or what to do when someone takes their shirt off and throws it at you when you're bartending?  For me it was problem, after problem, after problem, with only my best judgement on how to handle each situation...that's where it began honestly.  When I sat down and put pen to paper I realized there were numerous contributing factors to building and maintaining a safe environment...all while attempting to entertain people.  I really couldn't believe no one had tried to help my community with a legitimate program, probably because there are so many moving parts and the time it would take to pull it off.  In addition, as I thought about it, it would have to be written by someone who has been in the business for years or else it would be another bulls*** seminar that no one would care to listen to or sit through. It couldn't be written by a policeman, an alderman, or an insurance agent...the message had to come from a seasoned and moderately successful hospitality personality.  I know that there are a lot of terrible training courses out there in this world...and I knew this couldn't be one of those.  My final inspiration to begin to climb this mountain came after a phone call I received on New Year's Eve, around 4pm, 2007, from one of my cousins.  I was stocking the bar getting ready to bartend at Morgan St. Brewery in St. Louis...getting ready for the biggest bar night of the year when my phone rang. It was my cousin Josh, he said, 'hey man, I've got really bad news'...

Man killed after Breckenridge bar fight
By Tom McGhee
The Denver Post
Posted:   12/31/2007 11:08:39 AM MST

Breckenridge police are looking for two men who attacked, and may have killed, a third after he allegedly insulted a woman at the Salt Creek Steakhouse early today.  Thomas Guidry, 35, of Breckenridge, is dead after the assault at the restaurant at 110 Lincoln Ave. at around 1 a.m.
Guidry was at the restaurant's second-floor bar when he began to verbally abuse a woman, witnesses told police.  An employee escorted him downstairs and two men followed. When Guidry reached the steakhouse's foyer, the two allegedly attacked him.   "He was causing a scene and they were bystanders to the disturbance. We are not sure why these two gentlemen thought it was their duty to take care of the situation," said police spokeswoman Kim Green.  The three scuffled and Guidry fell. "He went to the ground and was initially moving when he collapsed, but shortly after that he became unresponsive."  His assailants, identified as white men in their early 20s, fled. A surveillance tape shows one of them wearing a camouflage type coat and the other with a white baseball cap. Bystanders called 911 and administered CPR.
Guidry was taken to Summit County Medical Center and pronounced dead.  The incident is being investigated as a homicide.  Fourteen patrons and employees were interviewed at Breckenridge police headquarters.  Colorado Bureau of Investigation agents from Denver are assisting with the investigation and helped to process the crime scene.  The Summit County coroner is expected to determine a cause of death by Wednesday.

Anyone with information should contact Detective Sergeant Susan Quesada at (970)547-3137 or Summit County Crime Stoppers at 1-866-453-STOP.